Absolutely – if, for instance, you’ve purchased an extra small instead of a medium, we’re more than happy to switch out your clothing at no cost; however, we’ll only provide an identical product in terms of design and hue (so if you got a Seduction Catsuit, another Seduction Catsuit just differing in size will be sent ). To activate this privilege, do consider reaching out via email VenusLatexClothing@gmail.com within 7 days after getting your items. However, take note that replacements or refunds aren’t provided solely based on fickle preferences such as disliked color or style. Plus, the initial article has to be returned by you. Concerning return mail expenses: these are up to you- and we advise using any traceable delivery methods since unforeseen complications like misplaced packages may obstruct exchange process.

The latex thickness varies align with each specific piece of gear. Below’s a rough guide showing commonly bought stuff:

Catsuits: Offered at either 0.20mm or 0.4mm
Hoods: Comes in both 0.20mm or 0.40mm
Stockings: Option between some handy sizes- .20mm and .40 mm.
Shirts: Woven at around .40 mm.
Jeans:.60 mm option parentheses)
Dresses:.40-.80 scaled sizes available
Corsets Glasses For those seeking greater sturdiness-, our corsets start off from glued Edited bodies essentially double-layered overlay( Arabic Zero revival apt).

We’re able to accommodate any changes you might want concerning your order up until 7 days after it’s been placed. After that period and once the item is in the production stage, sadly, we will not be capable of making further alterations.

Regrettably, upon processing an already placed order on our website, we’ll be unable block from accepting additional goods as part of that specific transaction. Nevertheless, if you have a need for more items you can simply submit another fresh request with us; then negotiate a decrease at some point surrounding shipping charges.

While normally employing specific brands of latex sheets for our clothing line under normal conditions although other premium brands or alternatives can also be entertained per your special requests when necessary – however this would entail extra expenses covering separate orders and recurring costs related to factors like delivery fees etc.

Our garments range across multiple standard sizes stretching from XS all way through to 2XL – by referencing the specifications outlined in our size guide chart shown directly on-site should provide clarity around approximation sizes matching most individuals’ conforming needs significantly effectively enough ultimately; but still unsure about which size suits best reach please connect via email using VenusLatexClothing@gmail.com promptly for better clarifications or help generally.

Venus Latex additionally recognizes just how unique everyone really is including different crucial body shapes specifics closely observing proportions & actual overall personal postures corresponding considerations majorly predominantly suiting users’ individual preferences end comfort personally genuinely acknowledging requirements limits optimally providing alternative Made-to-Measure services aligned accordingly thinking truly customer centrally progressing firmly converging standards time before anything else important really always ahead demand increase desire match rewards challenges limitations hardly entered never spoken before shortly since key integral components must remember foreground background consumer thinking. For More information around “Made-to-Measure services” provide access offered separately to view into more depth level.

When you need a Made to Order garment exchanged, we initiate a remake session. This process typically happens over 30 days. However, during peak periods, it might take slightly longer than usual. You’ll be responsible for covering the shipping expenses both ways.

Garments ordered from our site are custom-made and not readily available in stock—this is why preparing your ordered item may require some additional time. If speedy service is what you’re looking for, get in touch via email so we can discuss your needs according to the current setup of our production line.There’s an option to choose express manufacturing for a marginally higher fee but this facility may not always be accessible during high-demand seasons.

For quicker deliveries, consider selecting from our “Ready to Ship” segment where products are readied within 10 working days for dispatching & notify about its course before sending them your way.

Take into account: After placing an order under the ‘Ready To Ship’ heading on our website no adjustment or amendment will be feasible as fast track orders are promptly initiated by our staff.

Latex Garments stem from Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) that also comprise thousand other consumer products along with healthcare essentials.
Latex, which is found in Natural Rubber Latex (NRL), contains proteins that can potentially incite allergic responses. An enormous number of products that we frequently encounter in our homes, schools and at healthcare facilities comprise latex—including conventional items like condoms, balloons, surgical gloves, elastic used in apparel and rubber bands.

The body’s prodigious immune system can have a reaction or hypersensitivity to the proteins present within NRL; this typically results in latex allergy. Some individuals possess certain antibodies known as IgE antibodies that make them notably sensitive to NRL’s inherent proteins. Despite us taking numerous precautions by using ‘leached’ latex sheets—which are treated intensively to eradicate the proteins up to legally acceptable extents—it remains your responsibility as a consumer to confirm you don’t suffer from such issues before purchasing or extensively wearing any latex clothes.

Uncertain about having an allergy against latex? Never hesitate in consulting with your healthcare provider for suitable advice— they will be able to organize an allergy test at a well-equipped clinic upon request.

Our Delivery Schedule & Expedited Shipping Services – Almost every piece we produce has been hand-stitched with quality being of paramount importance. The tentative timeframe required for preparing standard size orders oscillates between 6-9 weeks but may extend further during busy periods like sales when it could take anywhere between 8-12 weeks.

In case there arises a necessity for rapid availability of our crafted pieces drop us an email; following subjecting production line availability checks toward accommodating expedited shipping, we might incur marginal charges(as determined). However please note that such services might not always be feasible especially during high demand phases.

For quicker accommodations explore our offerings under “Ready-to-Ship”; purchases from these sections get dispatched within no more than 10 workdays after order confirmation.
Remember: once you’ve made a “Ready to Ship” request on our online platform, no alterations or modifications can be carried out. The reason being is that the moment we receive an express order, our professional team springs into action instantaneously.

Absolutely – our strict encouragement for quality assurance and firm manufacturing values ensure your orders meet superior user satisfaction criteria. Each product undergoes meticulous checks before reaching your doorsteps. We honor a guarantee period of ten days from the time the order was received.

Additional Information about Latex Maintenance

1. What’s the procedure to make my latex apparel gloss brilliantly?

Glossiness on latex garments can be achieved by using specially prepared sprays and polishes like silicone oil and Vivishine that give strong luster. These glossy elevators are particularly designed to have ideal thicknesses ensuring they penetrate deep inside rubber providing high sheen. It’s highly advised to use soaked kitchen sponges in polish application process ensuring uniform spread.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When intending slight buffing of your rubber item refrain from conventional microfiber materials that might raise blemishes over rubber surface. AMOR ALL constitutes another competitive shine maintenance formula in atomiser kinds demonstrating its efficiency onto Latex wear for more than two decades now! Furthermore, if incorporating it with washing machine tasks switch it precisely into fabric sedative cycles.)

2. Is it okay to wear latex under conventional clothes?

Wearing latex beneath your everyday apparel is not recommended, mostly because it can lead to dull spots where the textile fabric makes contact with the surfaces such as elbows or knees. In such cases, regaining the permanent shine becomes almost impossible despite using quality care products like silicone or Vivishine. Over time and with repeated usage, these worn areas may stretch out and become more vulnerable.

3. How does latex interact with plastics containing plasticizers?

Latex isn’t compatible with all kinds of plastics – certain types have plasticizers that may harm its structure. Therefore, extreme caution is advised when allowing toys made from soft materials like silicone (like dildos) to remain in contact with a latex material for extended periods; this could cause waviness on the surface followed by brittleness over time.

4. What is the longevity of my clothing if provided appropriate latex maintenance?

With diligent care and proper storage methods utilized, you can thoroughly enjoy wearing your beloved latex outfits for several years. Factors including avoidance of excessive sunlight exposure, storing in dark places keeping away from fats/oils and washing after every use will significantly prolong their lifespan.
The frequency of wear and stress levels encountered during each use will also dramatically influence durability along with complete dedication to adequate upkeep.

5. What varieties of Lubricants & Powders should be used?

To slip into tightly fitted latex clothing without hassle we highly recommend employing products like Vivishine Dress– which we regard as an excellent solution tailored for this purpose.
You need to apply a little bit across your entire body and then slip into your outfit. Some people might lean toward the use of unscented baby powder or a similar product for this purpose. Should you choose this route, generously dust the inside part of what you are wearing with powder, being sure to rid it of excess before donning it. However, if you find that dressing in the garment is proving difficult, strain should not be placed on its seams – instead turning back for more liberal application of either talcum power or lubrication as required.

6. What safety measures need attention?

A. Be watchful concerning sharp objects like long fingernails and jewelry as well as cigarettes at public clubs; there’s always someone present who gets an undue delight from hearing latex snap after stretching.
B. Keep away from copper because once stained by this metal, latex cannot ever regain its original appearance.
C. It is necessary to ensure that oils are never used alongside latex since over time they slowly cause decomposition – if you require some form slippery application use those products that are water based.
D.Your latex should always be kept protected from sunlight which turns it whitish – silicone can help mask such whiteness when occurrences arise.

7. Handled prevention of tears and possible repairs

If any tear happens along seam lines—my recommendation would be approaching us for repair services instead of attempting do-it-yourself tasks.If you’re inclined to give it a shot, the easiest way is to equate the process with repairing an inner tube and grab a patch kit. The aesthetics may not be ideal, but your clothing item will remain intact. Wear and tear are not indicative of faults from the manufacturer’s side; these incidents don’t fall under our warranty coverage. Nonetheless, if any item produced by Kink Projects experiences seam separation, feel free to send it back for repair under warranty.

Remember, utmost importance must be given to keeping latex clothes at bay from moisture and metal objects!

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