Latex Dress Care: How to Keep Your Dress Looking Its Best

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Latex dresses are a bold choice, on-trend, and provide an eye-catching allure. These unique materials add an unbeatable edge, but the care for their upkeep is high. That’s right, latex has its own set of rules you need to know if you are wearing one or are about to buy your first latex dress. Whether you are a seasoned latex lover or this is your first foray into the material, make sure you know how to keep your latex dress looking as beautiful as the day you got it. Check out our tips below!

Wash It

Just as with lingerie, the body releases oils and sweat when it’s too hot out or when you take a spin on the dance floor. After taking off your latex dress, it’s important to wash it as soon as possible. This is because the latex breaks down over time when it comes into contact with body oils and sweat. Wash your dress in warm water, with plenty of mild detergents or a latex-friendly cleaner, using your hands. Don’t scrub the dress and treat it gently. Remember to rinse the dress well to make sure there is no detergent residue left; as this degrades the latex material as well.

Never Twist or Wring The Dress Out

After washing your dress, carefully squeeze out any excess water but don’t twist or wring the dress; this rips it. Instead of wringing the garment, simply shake off the water and hang it up on a plastic or wooden hanger to dry. Never dry your dress in direct sunlight, or near a heat source, as it can cause the latex to warp or change color. Once the dress is dry, lightly coat the inside with talcum powder to keep the latex from sticking to itself.

Storing Your Latex Properly

Proper storage is important, if you want to preserve the life of your latex piece. Keep your dress on a wide, smooth hanger and store it in a dark, cool area of your closet. If you decide to fold your dress, place it in between several layers of clean, white tissue paper to make sure the fabric does not touch.

Dress Without Causing Any Damage

Dressing properly is key when it comes to getting into a latex dress. Prepare the inside of the dress All latex dresses are delivered with a matt surface. To put on the dress easily, we recommend dusting the inside with talcum powder. Alternatively, you can also use a silicone-based lubricant. Be careful before applying talcum powder to the inside of your latex dress, don’t use the latex outside the dress. Sharp objects From experience we can tell you that a latex dress can perfectly withstand dancing, a night at the club, or a cozy dinner. However, be careful if you wear jewelry that can easily scratch or puncture latex, such as rubber gloves or jewelry.

How to keep the shine

The fun part of latex clothing, it’s the shine. As the latex dress is washed and dry, you can spray or shine the latex with a silicone-based polish or spray. Then continue to polish the latex to a shiny brilliance. This not only makes the latex as good as new. But also protects the latex layer with care.


The description of what you have to do for the maintenance is quite long, but the best of all is, that what you get in return is a nice durable, and beautiful dress. And if you keep this latex maintenance in a little lookout to entertain the feeling you always have a stunning dress hanging in your closet. And it feels good when you are only minutes away from something shiny and new without cracking open your piggy bank.

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