Welcome to Venus Latex. We recognize and value the significance of safeguarding our readers’ personal data. It’s absolutely crucial for us that all retained personal and private information about you remains accurate and updated at all times, so kindly inform us if there are any changes during your association with us.

What kind of personal data do we accumulate?

All individual-specific information qualifies as ‘personal data.’ This term refers to any detail or data related to an individual, such that the person in question can reasonably be identified using that information.Our collection neglects instances where identity indicators have been eliminated, referring to anonymous data.

Upon accessing our website, we may gather and manage various personal information about you as outlined below:

1. Identity Information: This encapsulates details such as your first and last name, usernames or similar identifiers, title, birthdate, and gender.
2. Communication Information: Critical elements include your billing address, delivery location, email id, and contact numbers.
3. Financial Factors: These involve bank account info (if necessary) along with payment card specifics.
4. Commercial History: This carries information regarding transactions conducted by you in terms of payments received or made along with the description of services & products purchased from us.
5. Technological Information: We take into account factors like IP addresses used during login sessions on our site along with browser type/version; location in combination with timezone setup; characteristics & versions of browser add-ons; overarching drivers like OS & platform; plus other tech values related to the manner yields are gained access via this website.
6. Profile Details: These cover features like credentials for logging in including username/password combinations plus documentation concerning acquisitions/orders paced by visitors/users complementing their likes/dislikes responses provided during feedback/ surveys etc
7 Usage Overview : This takes into consideration particulars related to how the user navigates through our cipher ivy day
8 Promotion communication Awareness Advances fl need
It is noteworthy that we do not solicit any Unique Classifications associated with Personal Data covering racial indicator ethnicity markers religious predispositions parameters around intimate activity sexual preferences political viewpoint union membership substantiation status per health general genetic biometric interpretations etcWe don’t gather any information related to criminal records or offences.

Consequences of Not Providing Personal Data

There are instances where we’re legally obligated, or required by the terms of a contract with you, to collect your personal data. If you neglect to submit this requisite information when asked for, we might be unable to uphold our end of the contract in question- like supplying products or services intended for you. In such an eventuality, it may be necessary for us to annul a product or service arrangement existing between us. However, rest assured that should this occur, we will inform you at that given time.

Data Collection: When does it happen?

The acquisition of your personal data transpires when:
– You acquire our products
– You enroll receiving our email newsletters
– You reach out to customer services bearing queries or feedback

Additionally under circumstances where one of our products is purchased as a gift on your behalf; thus making remote receipt of your personal info possible either through an applicable medium as gifted by another user who bought the item(s). Herein potential data collected includes recipient’s (your) name, physical address along with email ID and contact number.

The Usage Criteria For Your Personal Data,

Dependency on legal permissions determines usage rules tied with any submitted personal data on your part. Our utilization is only permissible if laws allow such operations.Primarily, your personal data will be utilized in the undermentioned circumstances:

To fulfill contractual obligations that we are on the verge of establishing or have already formalized with you.

When it’s requisite for our legitimate interests (or those owned by a third party) provided these don’t infringe upon your basic rights and interests.

In cases where we need to abide by any requirement set forth by legal or regulatory bodies.

Generally speaking, consent isn’t typically the legal basis through which gathering of personable information is permitted. In instances mentioned otherwise, remember that you retain the right to revoke marketing consent whenever you wish merely by reaching out to us.

Below is a list of the types of data we process, as well as the reasons and legal grounds for processing the data:

Registering you as a new customer a ) Type of data: identification information, contact details b ) Legal basis: conclusion of a contract with you

Processing and delivery of your order

  • Type of data: identity, contact details, financial, transactional, marketing and communication
  • Legal basis: a) to fulfil a contract with you, b) necessary for our legitimate interests (e.g. to recover money owed)

To manage our relationship with you

  • Types of data: a) identity, b) contact details, c) personal data, d) marketing and communications
  • Legal basis: a) to enter into a contract with you, b) to fulfil a legal obligation, c) where it is necessary for our legitimate interests (to ensure that our records are up to date and to understand how customers use our products/services)

To enable you to participate in competitions, surveys etc.

  • Types of data: a) identity, b) contact details, c) personal data, d) usage, e) marketing and communications
  • Legal basis: a) to enter into a contract with you, b) necessary for our legitimate interests (to analyse customer interactions and enhance our business)

Managing and protecting our business and website

  • Types of data: a) identity information, b) contact information, c) technical information
  • Legal basis: a) for our legitimate interests (to operate and protect our business), b) to comply with legal obligations

Enhancing our products with data analytics

  • Type of data: a) Technical data, b) Usage data
  • Legal basis: Necessary for our legitimate interests (e.g. to improve our products/services and adjust our marketing strategy)

To provide advice and recommendations

  • Type of data: a) identity, b) contact details, c) technical, d) usage, e) personal data
  • Legal basis: Necessary for our legitimate interests (to improve our products and expand our business)

Marketing Strategy

Your contact details, technical specifics, consumption habits and personal profiles may be utilized by us to generate an understanding of your needs and interests. This helps us anticipate products or services you may find beneficial.Here’s how we determine which of our products, services, newsletters, and special offers may be of interest to you; a process we refer to as marketing.

You will find yourself receiving marketing-related communications (including newsletters) from us under the following conditions: when you’ve sought information from us or made purchases from us in the past; provided your personal details during participation in promotional activities or competitions; or voluntarily agreed to accept such marketing correspondences. However, this is only applicable if you haven’t expressly chosen not to receive any additional marketing materials.

Feel free at any moment to request discontinuation of any further promotional messages from us or adjust your preferences for our marketing content:
– Through logging into your online profile on our platform and selecting/deselecting appropriate options under ‘Marketing Preferences’;
– By clicking on unsubscribe buttons embedded in all our promotional broadcasts sent directly towards you;
– Or by reaching out to us via contact details provided.

On protecting your data

Your private data stays safeguarded in databases and servers overseen by either ourselves or through especially appointed third-party providers designated for this task.

Payment processing sections of our website and password-constrained areas make use of HTTPS technology. This ensures an optimum level of security verified by your web browser each time protected pages are viewed.Your personal information is kept totally secure through password-protection, and an additional layer of SSL encryption safeguards any particularly sensitive data like payment card specifics.

Through a comprehensive system encompassing administrative, technical, and physical barriers, we strive to deter unauthorized interferences including access or use as well as covert modifications or reveals of any personal information under our care. To ensure complete safety, only certain employees are granted internal access to confidential data.

We have also taken careful steps to deal with any incident when there’s suspicion of a breach involving your personal information. Remember that you will be notified by us immediately if such situations arise as well as regulators involved whenever legally mandated.

Who Will Have Access to Your Personal Information?

Once obtained, your personal information may be shared with our trusted external service partners. These third parties are obligated to ensure your data’s privacy and security under strict conformity with data protection regulations, in accordance with the stipulated purposes laid out by us. Every such provider is accountable for their utilization of your personal information as per the guidelines enlisted in their individual privacy policies.

Policy on Browser Cookies

Defining browser cookies:

Browser cookies are compact pieces of text generated by our website and placed in your web browsing software. These bite-sized data fragments enhance your user experience (for instance, they enable continuity with your online shopping cart across different pages). They also allow us to collect anonymous usage data to refine our service delivery. Additionally, certain third-party services we use deploy these cookies for tracking purposes and maintaining various features among a myriad of pages.

Our utilization of browser cookies:

Unambiguously cataloging website usage based on anonymous records
Facilitating smooth sign-in into your digital account
Implementing an online shopping cart that preserves selections as you continue shopping
Maintaining custom preferences aligned with the functioning of our site (like preferred radio volume level or visibility controls over specific notifications)
In some instances, we leverage cookies to individualize the content per user and offer a personalized touch such as specially tailored product recommendations or unique service offerings.

How one can manage or eliminate browser cookies:

Natively, most internet browsers whitelift cookie usage by explicitly allowing their creation. In order to discontinue future generation and storing of these data nuggets on your machine, adjustments in configurations will have to be made within the respective web-browser settings.In addition, you have the option to remove cookies through the settings of your browser.

Instructions on how to manage or erase cookies can be located under the ‘Help’ tab in your browser’s toolbar, or by adhering to these specific instructions for each browser provided by

For cookies related to Google Analytics, there is a provision for you to prohibit Google from gathering your data. This can be done by downloading and installing this useful tool – the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

It’s important, however, that deleting existing cookies or disabling future ones could potentially hinder optimal usage of our website.

Third-Party Connections

The interface of our webpage may house links routed towards third-party websites as well as various plugins and applications. These interconnected links or enablement of other connections could provide an opportunity for such third parties to process or disseminate information about you. Please note that we do not exercise authority over these external websites nor do we hold accountability concerning their privacy practices and handling personal user data. If you venture out and navigate away from our site, it’s recommended that the respective privacy statement associated with each visited site is read carefully.

You possess full authority tο lodge a comprehensible complaint regarding matters relating οf data protection malpractices at any given time TO THE CHINESE supervisorially-designated body ( you decide to approach regulatory bodies, we would greatly value the opportunity to address your queries or concerns independently. Therefore, in such scenarios, first make an effort to communicate with us.

Contacting Us

How to contact us

To make enquiries, exercise any of your rights set out in this Privacy Policy and/or make a complaint, please contact  We aim to respond to all queries within 48 hours.

Name of Company – is the controller and responsible for your personal data (collectively referred to as, the ‘company’, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ in this privacy policy).


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