‘Made in China’ today is globally recognizable as a reflective of ‘high-quality. ’

Even though the brand name Venus Latex may not be common in the Latex Clothing industry; we have developed it by use of well experienced personnel who have been working in the latex clothing manufacturing for several years. This experience in producing quality hand-made latex garments will be vital for the growth of our modern and efficient factory. Indeed, we cherish to work with these gifted people who contribute to produce fine detailed latex fashions that can be expected by our customers and we will feel disheartened if our customers become doubtful regarding the quality of our craftsmanship and facilities. In order to build good relationship with all customers, trust in our service, products and after-sales communications is utmost important.

The ‘beginning to the end’ attention to detail philosophy is our guarantee.

Venus Latex strictly adheres to quality control process so as to guarantee sharp Laser cuts, smooth even seams, smoothly framed edges and selective reinforcements at the crotch area, zipper ends and armpits among others right from the outset of production till the final product. By concentrating on exclusive, creative thought-styles in addition to scrutinizing detailed workmanships inherent in the manufacturing industry we ensure that our quality standards are always maintained at their highest levels while providing maximum comfort and long term fulfillment.

Individual and high quality latex fashion.

Venus latex is about individualism and aesthetics of high quality when it comes to latex fashion; they are renowned for their phenomenal eye-catching features that will make a client buy from them with confidence. Attractive latex clothing for demanding customers We offer attractive Latex Clothing for demanding customers Also we try to meet their special requirements and provide respective all-round service and manufacture. We will approach this by professionalism in all matters with unambiguous outlines, endorsed designs and on-going exploration to come up with fresh cutting edge styles according to our own experience and understanding. We are expanding our range of products very diligently and thus that is why we have our most popular top selling items based on the finest and varied cutting patterns along with the best optimizations. This is a promise of satisfaction for you.

Count on us since we are always committed to doing a splendid job for you.

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