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Names further visual logos representing either ‘Venus Latex Stores’. Furthermore parties involved besides their adequate goods plus services leverage these components that fall under legal purview regulated both through trademark law apart form additional copyrights junctioned with relevant designing right aspects attributable primarily towards ‘Venus Latex stores’, thereby extending these equivalently standard third-party respective.entitesThese terms should not be interpreted as granting permission or entitlement to utilize any trademark, copyrighted material, or design rights of the Venus Latex Shop, or any other third party entities.

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Any new introductions in the features or tools enhancing our current store are also conforming to the Site’s standing rules found in the Service Order page which is also subject for amendment anytime with notifications posted on that Particular category on our website itself for alteration awareness calling out your responsibility profile at each checkout phase periodically to check for changes.The act of persisting in using or accessing the website, post modification announcements, equates to your approval of these modifications.


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Our product prices could change without previously notifying you. Furthermore, we retain rights over altering or discontinuing elements of service (including any part/content) with no obligation for advanced notice.
We hold no responsibility towards you or any third party for any adjustments, changes in pricing, suspensions, or cessation of service.


Some products or services may be available solely online via our website. Their availability could be limited and are only returnable or exchangeable based on the conditions stated in our Return Policy.

Our efforts to represent colors and images of our items offered at the store as preciously as possible has been intensive. Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee that every color displayed by your computer monitor aligns perfectly with reality.

Whilst we do assert the right to limit sales of our goods or Services to specific individuals, regions, or legal jurisdictions if necessary; This obligation does not compel us into functioning so necessarily. This action can be carried out flexibly depending on each case’s circumstance. We also retain the prerogative to restrain volumes relating to any product or service provided by us. Changes may occur anytime concerning descriptions of products, their individual costings among other updates without prior notice.

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